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Societas Sanctæ Birgittæ

Societas Sanctæ Birgittæ (SSB) is a society of men and women within the Church of Sweden, who in reverence to Saint Bridget of Sweden and following her example want to serve the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church in Sweden.

SSB was founded in 1920 as a refuge for those who in a time of liturgical and theological decline longed for a richer liturgical celebration, sincere worship and scriptual preaching in the Church of Sweden.

SSB tries to realise theses aims by means of a revival of the practice of Holy Communion and Prayer both by the individual members of the Church and in the parishes, by the preaching and teaching of the Church faithful to the Word of God and the Creed of our Church, and by the increased use of private confession and pastoral care.

SSB holds a General Chapter, noramlly at Vadstena, every year at the time of the Heavenly Birthday of Saint Bridget (July 23). As a rule conventions are organized three times a year at different places in the country. SSB is also a prayer fellowship, in which Brothers and Sisters are remembered in the daily worship.

SSB is headed by one of its priests as Father Confessor and one of its sisters as Mother Superior.

The SSB prayer

O God, our heavenly Father,
you kindle the flame of love in the hearts of your servants,
and you alone can keep it alive:
make our hearts burn within us
with love for you and for one another.
Bless every good work for the establishment of your kingdom
among the people of Sweden, and all people,
and bless Societas Sanctę Birgittę;
through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.